The Open Door Community Development Project

The aim of the Open Door Community Development Programme is to help young people to develop positive social skills and provide a safe and stimulating environment  during their free time. The Open Door also provides parental workshops and adult support groups, to encourage parental skills and relationship building. With a focus on  prevention and life skills programmes, the project reaches out to over 1000 children and youth. This is provided through the following services:

  • Daily school Aftercare
  • Junior and senior Youth Clubs
  • Nutritional feeding
  • School holiday clubs
  • Camps and excursions
  • Reading and homework assistance
  • Youth sports events
  • Art and talent activities
  • Child and woman abuse awareness raising
  • Adult and orphan support groups

These support times positively affect the behaviour of the children who learn while interacting with each other. Their literacy, language skills, grooming and life skills improve daily through the programmes offered to them at The Open Door Project. The children develop positive social skills and views on different roles played by all members of society. The activities at The Open Door Programme give the children a purpose in life and offer them an opportunity to discover hidden talents. The growth and behaviour transformation of the children who are part of the project are evident.

Nutrition Project

In partnership with Cape Point Vineyards, VDP is able to ensure that up to 1000 young children and youth from Ocean View and Masiphumelele have access to a nutritional meal each day.


Through the Open Door Project 100 children, who are victims of neglect or living in poverty and whom the social work programme identifies and refers, receive meals daily. During school holidays the children receive a balanced meal twice a day. The feeding programme is complemented by daily activities to assists children with homework, reading, art, games and other activities.

Through the Early Learning Support Project 28 preschools receive a monthly allocation for groceries. This funding ensures that all children at preschools in Masiphumelele and Ocean View partake of a healthy balanced meal daily. For many this is often the only food they have for the day. 180 families from the Family and Community Motivation Programme, which operates in Masiphumelele, receive a monthly food parcel valued at R150.00.

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