Growing Women Of Wisdom in Ocean View (WOW!)


This week marks the beginning of an 8 month collaboration between Valley Development Projects , Community Cohesion ,Living Hope and the City of Cape Town. This self development programme will be working with 58 women from Ocean View who form part of the City of Cape Town’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). The goal of the collaboration is to equip and empower these selected woman during their time with the EPWP to become the eyes and ears and beacons of strength within their community.



This first series of workshops is being run here at VDP by the incredible Bronwyn Moore of Community Cohesion, who is guiding these ladies through some restorative healing groupwork. Through various  processes these ladies will be discovering tools  and growing their understanding or working through historical trauma; making positive choices; setting clear boundaries; conflict resolution skills and so much more.



The first of the three groups today came up with this fabulous logo and design for the programme: WOW -Women Of Wisdom. The hand symbolizing helping each other; the heart symbolizing love; the mountains their strong foundations; and the sun, the realization of their full potential. Isn’t it just beautiful, and so much fun was had creating it!  Watch this space for more news and photos of upcoming workshops.



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