Come and Play, Heritage Day


Our Community Development programme hosted a wonderful “Come and Play”  Heritage themed School Holiday Programme last week.  With all the recent troubles in Ocean View, Sherine and her team wanted to get the children out of the community and into nature, so they spent two fun filled days down at the beach.

The children then spent the week preparing for the Heritage Day celebration on Friday. They were divided into the four main “cultural” groups represented by the children attending the aftercare programme: Khoisan, Xhosa, Indian and Muslim. Working with the community development volunteers and fieldworkers; the children spent time preparing their costumes, dances and plays; and in so doing learning about their own and each others cultures.



With much excitement, the children all arrived dressed up in their beautiful costumes on the big day.  Community Development staff and volunteers had prepared delicious traditional meals from each culture, which everyone got to enjoy. Then came the cultural dances and plays from each group, which was judged by a wonderful team of judges. With much excitement the winners were announced. It was a very difficult choice to make, but in the end the Muslims won in the food Category, with the Xhosa’s winning the both the dance and the play.




Huge thanks to our Community Development Project Manager Sherine Arendse and her committed Community Development crew, who always go the extra mile for the children in this community! Check out this wonderful video of the celebrations created by Jolene Liebenberg, one of our SACBC Fieldworkers.


Came and Play, Heritage Week from Valley Development Projects on Vimeo.

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